The choice

Life – it is all about choices.

Everyone has different choices based on one’s own dream, one’s own situation.

Once the choice has been made, there’s no time for regret.

I made choice of applying into some desirable companies for fresh graduate while my best friend targeted in local companies. It does not mean that I ignore the local choice. I still apply for them but I do not want to miss the opportunities to challenge myself with the recruitment process of the large multinational companies. (By the way, Unilever’s Assessment Center is the hardest one I have faced recently.) I met a lot of new friends, while having chances to talk with many HR managers. I really want to have a destination now but it seems that my job seeking journey still awaits.

I made choice of leaving IDG Event with a relatively not-so-busy job but relatively-good compensation package and a stable job opportunity for an unpaid internship IDG Ventures with lots of work and unstable job opportunity. The choice has been made and I am really satisfied now with my current internship at IDGVV. I have to acquire lots of new knowledge, gaining ideas in Investment and Venture Capital and doing my favorite job: Research Analyst. I do think that I should remain this kind of enthusiasm and there may be some opportunities waiting for me after this internship period. (It reminds me of my choice of high school 7 years ago.)

Once the choice has made, there’s no time for regret. Life is nonlinear and we have to account for variable change. It is important to understand who I am, where I stand, and who I want to be in the future. I won’t let myself be complacent about just small achievement in the past or let myself discouraged by any failure with any multinational corporations. It is, once again, my choice to deal with every event happening to me.

I am looking forward to a better year ahead.

I do think this upcoming year will be an awesome year.

2 responses to “The choice

  1. I used to wonder a lot about life “Which is better for my life?”
    In my conference, when running around and around, I heard Chair saying the word “Life is all about choosing your experience”. Yes, it is not the story of the result but the feeling and experience.


    • Thanks for your comment “Life is all about choosing your experience”. It is also nice to see that you have already had such memorable experience and more importantly, time of youth with ILEAD. I do believe that 2013 would be another awesome year with you too. 😀


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