Once perform, outperform!


These days, I have to admit that I have no time for relax, let alone time for translating the novel as required by the readers. Today is other day I am buried with graduate thesis, internship assignment, and job application. But I have to drop some lines before coming back to the crazy thesis.

1. Once perform, outperform!

It’s nice to find out that this sentence has not been said by others but me, at least I could not find it on Google. I have tried my best to excel at work, to accomplish even the easiest tasks and today I feel some kind of rewards as my mentor, and HR manager asked me about my job preference, my career orientation and asked if they may help. Feel like my hard work pays off somehow. So well, once you are given chance to perform, you have to outperform or perform very well to impress others.

2. Thesis, thesis, thesis

It’s so crazy and I had to work hard on it for a week to come.

3. Today I had chances to see Mr. Nguyen Bao Hoang, Managing Partner of IDG Ventures. Well thing that impresses me is his friendliness. I like the way he went around the office and greeted every one, even intern like me.

P/S: To my worrying reader, I will come back after accomplishing the thesis. 🙂

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