On the wrong side of this parallel universe

I have done something crazy this morning – writing to my future me. I express all my angers and disappointment at the moment in this letter and I hope that my future me in 3 years later, receiving this email, will just smile at this crazy 21-year-old girl.

Life after graduating should be considered the toughest one that ones have experienced since the day he or she was born.

Too much for failure. Too much for disappointment. What should I do after failing in 2 final interviews (and may be 4 final interviews for my most important targets at the moment). Well, I know I cannot stay here and feel like things being devastated. I have to stand up after falling and being better me. It is always easy to say such kind of words. It is true, I can’t deny, but it is always tough to face it.

I am just afraid that I can’t stand this way anymore.

I have tried calming down but it does not work.

I have tried getting out of social network where my fellow fresh graduates keep complaining about their future but what I am doing now?

I am not complaining but I just try writing down anything topping up my mind.

A note from a successful friend on Facebook. I think he is right, however, if he stays in my shoes, I do not think that he is calm enough to write down this note.

Get out, get out of my head. I am on the wrong side of a parallel universe.” (Crash world, Hillary Duff)

What I really want now? A phone call from the recruiter for a full-time offer or at least kinds of thank you letter? It does not take such long time for you to make decision, doesn’t it? PwC, GE? Please be nice to me, June!

P/S: And I got update from kiemtoan.vn forum: Final result of PwC has been announed and I am waiting for a thank you letter. It is kind of better to hear about it. Should I get out office right now, heading somewhere to feel better?

8 responses to “On the wrong side of this parallel universe

  1. Don’t lose hope, em. You can lose everything, but hope is what you should carrry with you, always. Job hunting is tough, but believe me, there is someone who have applied for more than 30 companies and heard nothing back. The 30+ something returned with an offer. You just started. There is more to try and this is a learning process. If you think at this point, you failed, then ultimately you have no point of moving on. You already fixated your thought. I urge you to try further, for there is always a job waiting for you, if you really want it.


    • Thank you and I really want to figure out who you are now :). Your comment really makes me feel calm like the rain pouring down last night. I feel a little bit better than yesterday, and much better than the day I wrote this post. I do not feel totally alright at the moment but I believe that I will be better tomorrow. Once again, thanks a lot for your encouragement and advice!


  2. Glad that you were motivated. Graduating from a university is when we start living our life, so be it. There are more challenges to come, but as long as you set your mindset right, everything will be fine. Look forward to your positive updates here.


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  4. Ha ha you arent crazy at all. It s just the thing that every final-year student might face. (To be honest, all the firms I applied for in 2012 said No to me :))) So let s relax, take a rest and keep going. With such attributes and capabilities you ll find the right place for yourself in the end, for sure.


  5. Dear sis,
    I am a final year student and I’ve follow your blog for 5 months. I read every entries you posted about life and career and they really inspired me.
    At the moment, I feel sad and disappointed. Failing after final interview at PwC, the opportunity that I expected a lot, now I don’t know what to do. I am lost. Did at that moment you feel the peer pressure, the lost?
    Despite of the sadness, reading your blog helps me feel better. Thank you a lot.


    • Hi em

      As a person who is experienced in receiving thank you letter, I suppose I understand what you are going through. I remember at that time last year when I received thank you letter from Deloitte, I felt terrible too and did not know what to do next after expending great amount of effort on applying to Big 4 for 2-3 months. Peer pressure is surely an inevitable part of the game and it is not easy to overcome such pressure but try figuring out your own target and do your best to focus on it, you may minimize such pressure as much as possible. You may re-apply to Big 4 some months later or figure out different choices. Try more and more and sometimes you don’t know where life takes you to. Wish you all the best in this journey.


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