Self-conversation – 2013 – 06 – 18

You have got lots of disappointing experiences and you hope that time will go by, taking away all the disappointments. You feel like treading water, stuck in the middle of nowhere, or at least in the middle of this month without seeing any brighter sign at the rest of the month. And you will be looking forward to the next month to come. Will new month really bring about brighter opportunities or nice results? The ugly truth is that the next month or the next year has nothing to do with your expectation. You just expect for something new, something special, or something brighter than the old stuff that you found yourself stuck in. It is just kind of superstition when you believe that this month does not fit with your horoscope or your blood sign or anything like this. It is still you who let time and opportunities that accompanied slip through your fingers. It is still you that play the leading role in the movie named your life. So, don’t wait but jump into action. If you are tired, take a rest. If you are energized, do what you like.


One response to “Self-conversation – 2013 – 06 – 18

  1. Again, always get back to the fundamentals:
    – Begin with the aim in mind: “You can do it.”
    – Live in your present. We are all bad foretune tellers of our own future.


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