When you know you are no longer unemployed…

Just 1 day after my post on WordPress on frictional unemployment, I participated in an interview for the post of intern to support for VEF Fellowship Program adnd got the job offer right after the interview. And in the following day, when I started my 4-day internship in VEF, I received a phone call from KPMG to announce that I have successfully passed the final interview and was offered with a position in the firm, starting working from October. After such a long time of no positive result from the recruiters, finally I can enjoy some good news and feel blessed for a long break from now until October. What makes me a little bit worried is my background of Economics with little knowledge of Taxation or Accounting, which could be a significant hindrance in my first days at work. But I think that it is like the time back to secondary school when I saw new knowledge in the Math textbooks like aliens from other planets, I, however, managed to learn it well eventually. I have tried reading some notes from other seniors in Tax consultant to learn more about how life would be in the life of a Tax consultant. It seems to be a little bit complicated and uneasy but I do think everything will be alright in the end.

About my 4 days in VEF, it is such a great experience of mine. It is the first time I challenged myself in an non-profit organization and feel overwhelmed at the way they enjoy their life between the hustle and bustle of the city. Their lifestyle is so easy-going and they are always willing to offer smile or thank you. I could hardly see any anger on their faces during the time I was there. During the last 4 days, all of my work is about provide administrative support like arranging materials or making photocopy or putting them in order before inserting them in the ring files. Although I have been challenged myself at workplace for more than 1 year before but it is the first time I am involved with such great administrative work. I think it would be of great value for me in my future work.

So I will have another 2 months for break until starting my work in KPMG. Hope that I can finish the translation of “You are the apple of my eye” in the next 2 months

4 responses to “When you know you are no longer unemployed…

  1. Congratulations! I always believe that a man with positive thought can’t be defeated. Btw, I’m looking forward to the rest of the novel:)


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