Writing for a dream of 17 waken up

At 17, I remember watching “Wild child” the movie, starring Emma Roberts and Alex Pettyfer, I used to be impressed by the scene, in which Poppy and Freddie drove car through the meadow in the countryside of England. I just wish I could travel to England someday and to the beautiful antique streets in the countryside of England and stand on the edge of the sea. Today, when watching this movie again in a windy day, I feel touched again with the scene and the music. And the dream of 17 is waken up. I fall in love with “Chasing pavements” of Adele for the first time as this song is embedded in the scene the main characters rode through the meadow. In addition, English man is handsome in a very elegant way as well 😉

Sometimes, it is not about the movie, but it is the feeling which used to be associated with the movie in the past that makes me love it again.



One thought on “Writing for a dream of 17 waken up

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