Hey, Oppa “Snobby” Style!!!!!

I found this picture named with “Ivy style” which makes me associate with once popular song “Gangnam Style” =))

“Snobby”, as defined in the dictionary, is an adjective which is employed to refer to the ones who look down on the others for thinking that he or she is superior to the others.

It is not difficult to find the ones with “snobby” among the young nowadays. Many students often take their participation in an affiliation, in some schools, in some groups of people as something that make them different from the others, refusing the chance to get to know the others out of their cycles. They build up a border themselves to distinguish them from the others without the same background as them.

You can be proud of being a member of any organization you are taking part in but if you take them as something that makes you special, or give you with the right to be entitled to some privileges, I think it is kind of “snobby”.

I remember being treated as an alien in a meeting where the so-called Ivy League students attempt to ignore me by talking about something that I am not acquainted to. They often named their friends with the tagline, which is the name of the colleges that they are studying, like Ms. A Yale, Mr. B Dartmouth, Mr. C Brown and when I tried to make friends with them, I am the only one who asks them and they even don’t care asking about my name or my school. In fact, they ask where I study first and after I say the name of a local university, I can see some kind of disappointment in their faces.

I remember joining a meet-up where a girl keeps talking about some big names or some people she supposed that it would be such a privilege to know them and if I don’t know them, my life turns out to be a misery.

And lots of people have such kind of “snobby” symptoms like that one day before, when your LinkedIn profile has not updated your current work in a “so-called” famous one, we add them and even they saw our profile, they ignore it. One week later, they come back and acknowledge this change and then they add you.

I heard about a story of an Ivy League girl, who win in a business competition in a so-called prestigious internship program, refused to talk to my friend when she happened to know that she and  my friend are different in some ways. Different in background and different in the way they get into a firm. I supposed that in an elite education, people should have been taught how to treasure the difference of the others, not how to refuse to socialize on thinking that the others are coming from the “inferior” world.

I used to have some symptoms as a snobby one and I immediately realized it does hurt. It hurts me and the others to whom you talk. But I think in the long term, it is the snobby ones, who are hurt the most. Fortunately, I realized that every body is made of different aspects and you can find lots of good things to treasure or to learn from. You may hate someone or don’t like someone but to act as a snobby to the ones you hate is totally a wrong strategy. You also have to find some good stuff from your enemy to learn how to deal with them or how to improve yourselves. 😉 I don;t hate the snobby but feel sorry for them instead. I know they will feel regretful of being snobby in the future.

Just some random thoughts of mine after a chain of days happening to know lots of real “snobby”!

Hope that anyone reading this post will not be given a fright for thinking that this post is to describe you! 😛

A nice article I have read here about a circle that some “snobbies” are living in:

The Disadvantages of an Elite Education

Disclaim: I am not meant to say that all Ivy graduates are snobby. As I have said before, it is not a sin to take pride in your school or your organization. Celebrate if you get into them. Things that I said about are the ways some people try to isolate themselves from the others coming from other organizations, which are believed by them to be inferior to the ones these snobbies are in.


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