Sunday Conversation between Father and Daughter

A comment of a reader came up, which makes me read this post again. Hardly could I imagine that more than a year has passed since the day of this conversation. I have graduated, finding a decent job up to the society’s standard to a certain extent. I still thought about creating impacts but I thought that I am not as confused as I was at that time. My passion, at the moment, as far as I know, lies in writing and business and I suppose that I would like to be a professional business case writer in the future, to record all nice business cases on Vietnamese business. Hope that I can figure out and map it out much clearer soon.


– Like Father, Like Daughter.
My Father and I when I was 1 year old.

It has been a long time since my last post on WordPress. Due to the freaking busy schedule of final exams I have to take these days, I have to put aside my time to brush up on all the contents written in the textbook, which in turn stripped me of time for blogging. I also have a test on Management tomorrow, which is about to account for 80% of grading assessment and I have 10 chapters (equivalent to 500 pages of textbook to cover).

This post, however, comes out on impulse after my conversation with my Father during lunch. I can’t not help thinking of harboring this post any longer but try my best to write down all inspirational things that I have gained after short conversation with him.

Father: What happen to you recently?…

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