2013-10-24 Random thoughts

Another working day passed and I came back home on your motorbike, spending 30 minutes on motorbike singing my favorite songs and thinking about what’s coming up next, about the journey I have embarked on and who I will become 1 year later, 2 years later or 5 years later. Many colleagues asked me about the reason I applied into Tax and Big 4 in the first place and asked me if I planned to study abroad or not. I still try adapting myself to this new environment, acquiring new knowledge and enhancing my own capability. I am just afraid that I will be complacent with my limited knowledge gained at college or previous workplace. I know I won’t but I still keep alerting myself for not being relaxed. I am just afraid that workplace is not as peaceful as college where you can share every tiny thing with your friends without caring about what people thought about us. I am just afraid that I will let my fear overwhelm my own courage to thrive. I love being that way for a while, feeling peaceful for accomplishing the assignments, getting the feeling of belonging to somewhere in this world but sometimes I am just afraid that I would settle down too soon.

Yesterday I happened to read a passage written by Phan Viet, shared by my friends on Facebook and immediately feel inspired.

“I hope that all of my friends, no matter where they are in this world, will always keep the youth spirit deep inside their heart, the spirit of the time when things are not that complicated, when you do not feel deeply attached to any thing of materialism, easily saying good bye without hesitance…

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