Say hello to a new friend!!! Здравствуйте Русский!


Здравствуйте Русский!

I think it’s not difficult for almost everyone to realize which language these above-written words belong to. Perhaps it would be a little bit awkward to say that Russian is a new friend as I used to speak Russian for the first 3 years of my life before learning Vietnamese and I sometimes tell a joke that Vietnamese should be my second language, not my first language and English or Chinese should be the third and the fourth, respectively. Sometimes I complained to my father for not teaching me Russian earlier so that I could be qualified to be quadrillingual now. Anyway I have already get down to my very first Russian lesson and feel extremely determined to conquer this language in the near future. At my first lesson, I feel quite surprised at how complicated the Russian alphabet was as it is totally different from Latin alphabet and its printing alphabet is somehow different from its hand-writing style, which made me confused when tempting to re-write the alphabet into my note book. I just console myself that learning Russian to an English learner is just the same as learning Chinese to a Vietnamese one for some similarities shared between these couples of languages and if Chinese characters cannot defeat me so the same story will be applied to my journey to conquer Russian. After few hours struggling with Russian alphabet, I felt quite happy to distinguish some letters and started reading some words by myself.

Learning a new language or adopting a new skill is somehow a very special experience. I just feel myself refreshed and much more confident and feel great at the thought that I am able to speak Russian fluently in the future and I can come back to Ukraine, my place of birth and speak this language with local people. I felt myself filled with new energy and be ready for this tough challenge. 😀

A nice Russian song for your Sunday evening:D Consider adopting new skills or new languages and you will understand how hyper I am now.


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