2013.12.28.Quick update

1. I am just afraid that time went by and I will be buried in heavy workload and eventually turn out to be ignorant of the surrounding. Everyday I wake up and the first thought comes across my mind is the tasks that I have to finish this day or the ones I have to communicate to get the information to have such tasks done.

2. I just enjoyed holiday atmosphere at workplace. 2013 ended with an awesome annual party where we together celebrate Christmas and Happy New Year. Our team of new joiners had an exciting performance in the party, which makes me keep smiling whenever thinking about it. After the party, I went to bar with my colleagues and came back home at 2.30.am. It was the first time I went to the bar and came home at such late time. Everything, however, was totally sweet for my first experience there. I was extremely excited and danced crazily in the crowd.

3. Crushcrushcrush – My favorite song of Paramore. I can feel something more than a crush and I feel confused again as usual. After this huge crush, everything stays unchanged.

4. I made a trip to Ninh Binh with my colleagues. A colleague of mine drove us to Ninh Binh and we had good time there together. I don’t mind about the long time spending on the car for his not-so-good map comprehension because we actually had fun all the time.

5. I start learning Russian under the guidance of my father and this language is interesting so far. Hope that I will get comfortable with it soon.

Bonus: Nice photos of Ninh Binh captured by me and a colleague of mine.

Ninh Binh 3

Ninh Binh 2

Ninh Binh 1

And team of the year 😀

Ninh Binh 4

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