We are both special!!!

We are both special!

Everyone, in our journey heading to the future, needs someone to remind us about what makes us special or the way we are different from the others.

What I am about to write below does not have anything to do with the renowned speech, popularly known as “You are not special” of David McCullough Jr. delivered at the commencement day of Wellesley High School in 2012, let alone against the prevailing ideas embedded in this speech. McCullough, as far as I understand, keeps emphasizing the idea that “you are not special” to warn the students not to be buried in the complacency created by the academic achievements or not harbor the ideas of counting themselves as elite for graduating from one of the most prestigious institutions of the country, but force them to move forward “for today is just the beginning. It’s where you go from here that matters.” I myself totally agree with the underlying ideas of McCullough as his ideas, in general, coincided with what randomly come across my mind for long, especially, his words of the ultimate purpose of education, which “should be for, rather than material advantage, the exhilaration of learning”, have made my face brighten up visibly.  However, as you can see from the headline where I stated that “We are both special”, I want to dedicate my next passages to further elaborate on this idea or explain how the feeling of being a special one has made me feel different.

In my childhood, it was not the fairy tales or the lullaby that I heard the most from my mother but her stories in which my childhood was described in detail. I remember my mother sitting by my side in the winter morning waking me up not by shouting at me for lingering at my balmy bed but by keeping patting at my back and telling me about the day I was born, how long did it take me to make my very first steps or how she was proud of me at the parent meeting with my teachers and sometimes, how she expected me to be in the future. I remember myself pretending not awaken already as I loved hearing these words so much and after few minutes staying on my bed, I would take all of my courage to leave my warm blanket to go to the bathroom and prepare for the morning. I also love spending time listening to my mother telling about the time she was about to give birth to me and she may end the story by claiming that I have some special characteristics running in my vein because she did something different during her pregnancy. And I love hearing her tell me that she believed I could thrive in what I did as I was not as the other kids she knew. Although I know that sometimes a mother can flatter her own kids for the special bond shared between mom and kid, a.k.a motherhood, I still believe that it is the self belief in our own special characteristics that may have positive effects in our personal development. Whenever thing does not come my own way, it is the strong belief in my distinctive personality that raises me up and makes me feel determined. This belief in our own personality helped us consolidate our fragmented memories in the past, underpinning our present and lying the sprinting for us to move forward in the future.

Therefore, I do not find it wrong to consider myself special. I know that I am as special as anyone in this world and both of us possesses special characteristics which were passed down to us as a part of our family tradition, determined by gene or nurtured through our special life experiences. These special characteristics will somehow determine our different ways of approaching, understanding and responding to the external events. We understand that we are special in our own ways as determined from the day we were born; such special characteristics have helped us survive till these days, so there is no reason for us to be defeated as long as such special characteristics still run in our veins. We understand that we are special, we are different from the others, therefore, we do not let the others determine our own life, do not allow us to blindly follow the mainstream but stand on our own feet and create our own marks.

For the final words, as I have stated right in the first sentence, everyone, in our journey heading to the future, needs someone to remind us about what made us special in the past, or how we are different from the others. I hope that this piece of writing could help you rethinking about your own personality that makes you special and consolidate your belief in your ability to do something special to our own life.

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