Entry for the end of 2013 and resolution for 2014


Another year is about to end and there are only few hours before 2014 comes. I am just struggling to start this annual review in better English but words somehow are stuck at the tip of my tongue (actually, it should be my fingers as I am typing :P) and I find it hard to summarize my 2013 in few words. If 2012 is an aspiring and prolific year of mine when I ran without being worn out for events, competitions, and part-time jobs, 2013 is a little bit quieter and I spent more time reflecting myself and regurgitating the taste of failure as you can see some posts of mine during May or June. 2013 did not bring me with a lot of success as I expected, though, it is still a memorable year when I have finished lots of milestones in my life and crossed out some important targets set in my resolution for 2013. I have got the offer for internship in IDGVV, graduated from university, and got my very first full-time offer with KPMG. It should be a struggling year with me when I found myself fail in loads of interviews and get lost for sometimes in the way leading to the future. Fortunately, the second half of the year treated me quite well with a job offer (eventually), a trip to Ho Chi Minh City (where I have been longed for, and I forget to recap my 4-day trip on WordPress :-/), finishing translating the novel “You are the apple of my eye” and new colleagues with tons of fun.

I also think of writing my resolution for the new year in this post as well however, I have not had much idea about what I am about to pursue next year. Yesterday, while checking my mailbox, I read the email from Victor Cheng (a master of case interviews for ones loving getting into consulting firms), which mentions about the right way to set annual goals, which makes me hesitate for a while before start typing my goals for the next year. In this email, Victor Cheng pointed out the common mistakes made by people when determining the resolution for a new year, one of which is that the goals are not aligned with your long-term goals and long term, as defined by Victor, stretches over 5 years.

I am a little bit shocked at reading this definition of long term for I am still quite uncertain about what comes up next for me in the next 3 years. I have tried imagining my life in the next 3-4 years for many times: getting promoted to AM, spending 6 months learning Chinese in Taiwan, winning a scholarship to study MBA in the US, mastering my Chinese and Russian and maybe spending another 4 months in  a Tax trek as a part of KPMG Life and hopefully, finding someone to love. I wonder if this list is too greedy but I will try to cross out 3 goals at least. I also discussed with my former mentor in IDGVV yesterday afternoon about what I should do next year and she asked me to equip myself with designation (like CFA) or a diploma (MSc of Finance or kind of MBA) before getting left behind. I find it true somehow but I have not known if I need CFA to fulfill my desirable life or if it would help me achieve my own ideal life. Leaving this mess behind, I think of something I want to do so bad next year:

1. Learning Chinese: I aim at HSK Level 6. I find it extremely happy to employ my limited Chinese at work and get some compliments from my seniors so far. I’d love to hone my Chinese reading skills by starting reading Chinese e-books (which has been saved for so long in my computer), and improve other skills like listening and writing as well.

2. Writing English: To be honest, I have not seen any breakthrough in my writing so far. I consider spending time refreshing my writing by reading more pieces of writing from The Economist, Project Syndicate, McKinsey Insights and Publication, and some books which provide more guidelines in writing. I have visited MIT Open Course Online to find some courses in writing and tried finding some reading materials to help boosting up my deteriorated writing skill. A detailed project for writing will be implemented tomorrow, I promise.

3. Travel: In 2013, I have ticked 3 provinces on the map of Vietnam for the first time (Nam Dinh, Ninh Binh, and Ho Chi Minh City). Da Nang, Hoi An and Hue is in my agenda this year and I also think of putting Thailand or China (Shanghai – Suzhou – Hangzhou) in the list for 2014.

4. Be happy and be beautiful. I am happy for everyday I wake up and have tons of fun to expect. I try to be more beautiful no matter how many times I am with the state of being unrequited.

5. Few hours ago, I consider learning CFA and take CFA level 1 by December 2014. Perhaps I will postpone this point 1 day and come back to it on 2 January, hopefully. 😛

Happy New Year and wish all of you the best.

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