2014.02.08. Random thoughts

There was a time when the media is filled with many articles, of which the title starts with “Date the girl who…”. The verbs that are filled in the blank were also various, ranging from read, write, travel to cook, dance, or blog. I was first interested in the very few posts of this series before getting annoyed when such kind of posts kept appearing on my Facebook news feed. Sometimes, I just wonder if such articles are just the products imagined by girls who yearn for romantic dates badly.

Recently, I have been cynical about the beautiful prospects drawn by screenwriters in which girls will find out their charming princes sooner or later in their lives. However, I also hate being scolded by my aunts or other elder ones in the family for being addicted to work or career development, and advised to quickly find someone to date with, accepting some guys that they thought are kind of mature and early settled. Should it be fine for me to be with anyone as long as they like me? (And I even wonder if any guy ever likes me since my teenage. Should it be fine to me to be less ambitious, to be less career-oriented, to be less awkward for not mentioning things about arts, languages? Absolutely not fine, at least now.


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