It is simply “About Time”


“We’re all traveling through time together, every day of our lives. All we can do is do our best to relish in this remarkable ride.”

The story starts with an awkward-looking boy, who has a weird introduction about his eccentric family. It, however, turns out to be a story about an ordinary man, who proudly tells about his ordinary life that filled with remarkable moments.


Have you ever thought what you would do if you were endowed with the ability to travel back in time? To Tim, the main character of the story, it did not take much time for him to figure out the thing he would focus on when he was informed about this supernatural ability by his father on his first day of 21. Fortunately, his father has warned him about the things that he would choose to focus on, things that he really wants to have in his life. Fortunately, the story has a very simple yet awkward opening with father’s advice given right from the beginning. Fortunately, Tim has chosen Love to focus on right at the beginning of the story, therefore, he did not waste time figuring out important things among career, money, or the alike. Fortunately, the story has been shaped like this right from the start, it is purely about love.  But what makes this movie touching is not an extremely romantic love story that may be frequently caught in kind of general chick-flick, it is the lessons about love for life, for family that left me with satisfactory smile at the end of the movie.


Some lessons are explicitly expressed throughout the movie. Some, however, are subtly implicitly mentioned in the line. Another interesting thing about the movie is that you may find something not necessarily a lesson but worth thinking.

#1“All the time travelling in the world can’t make someone love you.”

It should be the first lesson realized by Timmy after his unrequited love with Charlotte. Sometimes, it is the first expression that could decide whether you fall in love with someone. No matter how hard you try, if someone does not like you, it is still a slender chance for you to win someone’s heart. Even time travelling cannot help, unfortunately.

#2 You cannot have it all in a fixed moment.

Tim tried saving Harry’s play from terrible failure caused by an absent-minded actor (a so-called Mr. A) by traveling back to the time to remind this actor of reciting the line once again before stepping to the stage. By doing this, however, he missed the chance for meeting Mary, the significant one of his life, losing her contact. A lesson was implicitly drawn from the situation. You cannot have it all in one moment. Your energy, your money may be infinite but time is surely finite, even when you can travel back to time.

#3 You cannot help the others escape from their own faults

Tim tried changing the life of his younger sister Kit Kat by traveling back to the New Year’s Eve Party when Kit Kat first met Jimmy Kincade, preventing such bad relationship from happening. It seems like he almost managed the situation by bringing back his naturally artistic Kit Kat and helped her be in love with Jay. However, this time travelling totally messed up his own life, when he came back and found out that his daughter, Posy turned out to be a little boy, instead. (Fortunately, once again, his wife was still Mary.) Tim, eventually, decided to let it be by having Kit Kat experience the car crash and learn the lesson by herself.

#4 It is still your effort that counts.

You cannot make someone love you by travelling time. But you can travel back in time to fight for the love of your life. It is about what happens between Tim and Mary. Though it is not that relevant to sum up a lesson from their story, I still do think it is not the magic but Tim’s effort that helps him get Mary.  Sometimes, it is your own instinct that gives you a hint about the other half of your life. When you know someone should be the one you want to be together with, it is the matter of moment to decide you two to fall in love.

#5 You have to give up the past to move forward to the future.

Everything has a price. Traveling back to time costs too. You may lose the present as any careless change in the past as may cause afterward events to change accordingly. Tim decided to give up the idea of travelling back to time to meet his father if another child of his is born. The situation, simple though, reminded us that you cannot move forward to the future when you keep yourself living in the past too long. This tiny detail, which may have been missed by lots of audiences, however, is the one that brightens my mind in the movie. And owing to this subtle detail added, the scene of the last meeting between Tim and his father is more touching.

#6 It is the attitude that decides the way you look your life

It is the secret formula to happiness shared to by Tim’s father on the verge of leaving life: Try living this life twice: firstly, get on living the ordinary life, day-by-day like everyone else; secondly, just feel the life in a different way, try enjoying its beauty which have been disguised by the trivial tension and worry. “The first time with all the tensions and worries that stop us noticing how sweet the world can be, but the second time noticing.” This message is simple yet truly inspiring. It is still our attitude that counts. Unlike Tim, we only live once, just smile and let ourselves be embraced with love, we will feel life much easier.

#7 I just love number 7 so I will end up with the #7 lesson: You all actually can travel back in time if you want.

Tim is actually an ordinary man. The movie is about the life of an ordinary man with the ability to travel back to time. During this supposedly remarkable journey, Tim figured many simple yet meaningful lessons for his own life. The presence of the time traveling concept is just a way to make us think about what really counts in our life, what if every moment in life came with a second chance and then, decide how to relish every moment in our life as time flies and we could not travel backward.  The story, starting off with weird factors that capture curious minds, ended up with simple happiness of Tim and his family that make every audience smile satisfactorily.  It is just like the quote that ends the movie: “We’re all traveling through time together, every day of our lives. All we can do is do our best to relish in this remarkable ride.”


Other trivial note to end this long note: If you find a simple yet meaningful romantic comedy to watch with your loved ones, “About Time” should be in this list, some hot scenes may be not suitable for children, though. :P. Rachel McAdam has performed well as Mary, as she did to The Notebook’s Allie but my attention was drawn to the main character, Tim by  Domhnall Gleeson. His not-so-impressive appearance somehow turns out to help the audience focus on the story narrated by the main character, which help contribute to the conveyance of ideas. Richard Curtis, the screenwriter has done a good job in not making his fans disappointed after his string of big hits like Four Weddings and a Funeral, Bridget Jones’s Diary, Notting Hill, and Love Actually. The other thing that strikes me significantly is the so-British factor of the movie with pale and skinny Domhnall with his traditionally blonde hair, his wild, natural yet cute sister by Lyndia Wilson, and exotic background with gently rolling hills and green meadow of Cornwall, England, which is perfectly matched with the beautiful soundtracks like “Friday I’m in Love” (by British rock band – The Cure), “How long will I love you” (originally sung by Scottish rock band The Waterboys and performed in the movie by other English folk singer like Jon Boden, Sam Sweeney and Ben Coleman), or “Push the button” (by Sugababes – another famous English girl band). It is just like the feeling I write about in my post “Writing for the dream of 17 waken up”, a dream of walking right at these exotic places and find the peace filled your soul.

Conversation of wisdom shared between father and son is also something that I like in this move

Conversation of wisdom shared between father and son is also something that I like in this movie


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