Comfort zone

Comfort zone

“Comfort zone” or the alike is the topic frequently mentioned in our conversations after graduation. After couples of months being at work and getting along with all the set procedures, you feel the learning curve become less stiff and things run smoother day by day. You feel a little bit disappointed at the ability of foreseeing your future in the next 4-5 years but cannot find the motivation to think further or do something different to kick yourself out of such comfort zone or such determined schedule. You chase for the instant gratification day by day at the expense of your vision towards your own future or the reward in the long term.

Moving out of the comfort zone necessarily involves shifting job, doesn’t it? Personally speaking, it is by no means a brilliant idea to jump from job to job as one friend of mind does to find yourself motivated. Ridiculously enough, he/she may find comfortable with job jumping one day?

Moving out of the comfort zone without shifting job is possible, isn’t it? The answer is absolutely impossible in my opinion as long as you are willing to find the new things from the current job without scaring of being overloaded or failing. I am afraid of requesting the seniors for getting the new jobs for fear of getting overloaded or mishandling the current tasks assigned and I realize the idea of being perfect, of fully performing the assigned tasks cost me the opportunity of stepping out of the comfort zone.



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