2014.06.24.Random thoughts

I made my mind eventually. I decided to stay in my comfort zone. I decided to build up capacity in the field I am working on and I refused to step away. I have made lots of people disappointed. Seriously, I do not mean to. My mind has been squeezed tightly for the last few days and […]

Learning for learning’s sake

I remember long time ago when I first entered into primary school, my teacher raised a question to her students: “Who do you learn for?” I was little bit surprised and confused to figure out the answer at so young the age while my friends unanimously shouted out loud: “Learn for ourselves.” Our teacher, satisfied […]

Being judged! Being trained

As a white-collar worker, I have to get acquaintance with the term “performance appraisal” that conducted on an annual basis. Surprising enough, when you already thought that the tests and all kinds of grading have been over after graduating, you are get back to devour the taste of being graded again when you enter into […]