Roller coaster of life

Have you ever been to an amusement park and had yourself challenged with games on the rides like a roller coaster? Imagine you go to an amusement park which charged you on the pay-one-price policy. At first, you feel scared and refuse to join with your friends on the roller coaster for fear of any risks taking place during the ride. Then, when your friends start to leave you alone and get on the roller coaster, you feel kind of curious. You feel it would be such a waste of money for not enjoying the game. You look at people who just have come down from the roller coaster and find them thrilled with the game. You feel it would be such a waste of money if you do not try it once for the fee of roller coaster may be included in the entrance fee into the amusement park. Then you will be reassured that your friends will come along with you in this adventurous journey. You hold your breath and enjoy the game to the fullest. You leave the roller coaster and satisfactorily say: “Wow, I have just made it!”

Spare a few minutes rethinking about the situation. Imagine that you go to an amusement park alone (though it rarely happens), this park charged you upon the policy of “Pay-as-you-go”. Worse still, no one played the game before. Will you be eager to join the game?

If you see your life like a pay-one-price amusement park, you will try playing as much as you can for your fear of wasting time.

If you see your life like a pay-as-you-go amusement park, you will be more rational in deciding which game you should play, which game you shouldn’t.

As life is too broad while we are still young, and future is a vague concept, we wish we could know what kind of amusement park our life is like.



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