2014.06.24.Random thoughts

I made my mind eventually. I decided to stay in my comfort zone. I decided to build up capacity in the field I am working on and I refused to step away.

I have made lots of people disappointed. Seriously, I do not mean to. My mind has been squeezed tightly for the last few days and I even cannot sleep at the D-Day – the day of decision making.

The decision, which may not as romantic as the YOLO idealism, satisfies me and that is the most important.

More important, I understand my risk appetite and I start having an idea of my own ideal life. I start having a vague idea of things that make me happy. Such idea may change, however, at least it helps me get out of all the troubles that may happen.

I will try to avoid disappointing people next time but sometimes I understand I have to prioritize my heart and my mind.

I start finding the happiness in the simplest things surrounding me and create my own big dream from these simple yet beautiful thing.

And I know whatever decision I made, all is well.autumn4


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