To the guy who dropped by the town this afternoon!!!


A guy came back to the town from which he left few years ago. He walked around, looking concerned about everyone else, shaking hands with some and asking some about what is going on in their life. After such formal etiquette, on his way leaving the town, he happened to meet some younger guys, who have just been to the town for some couples of month and already demotivated recently for realizing the fact that the town they are living is not as dazzling as they expected. They have heard from the old men in the town about the fabulous cities in the faraway land this guy is about to head for in few days, asking him about tips on getting to these cities as he is about to do. When you expect the guy to make some pieces of advice like “there is a will, there is a way”, you are struck by his short answers: “Don’t care about the stuff you are doing day by day at this town. You may get scolded for neglecting the job, however, it is your personal goal that counts.”

This piece of advice turned me down immediately.

As a young guy in this town, who has long dreamed about the cities that guy is about to head for, I was totally disappointed.

You know what I hate the most when some people left the town. They left a message that sounds glorious, expressing their regrets for being unable to live in this wonderful town (as worded by them) in such a long time, the happy memories they had while in town. Such message, sounding sentimental though, was actually an announcement bragging that ” Hey guys, look at what I’m going to do next, which I am sure is far better than the stuff you are facing on a daily basis. I’m going to run the world, leaving all of you stuck with all the bullshit.” (*) (This idea was borrowed from an answer on Quora. Click here for more details.) To make it more glorious, they “throw hefty name-dropping to associate their names with important guys in the town” (Thanks Quora again for it)


I come from a town, where many young people (at a younger age than mine) are dreaming about getting in. Lots of them succeeded. They proudly wrote on their outbound walls of their houses to have their acquaintances informed about the green card for entry into the town. They expected a lot from the tinseling name of the town and then got demotivated soon when things turn out not be as imagined in the first place. They looked at their friends, seeming to enjoy their lives at another town in the city while paying a lower price. They then keep complaining about the nuisances they have while in the town without finding the roots of all the troubles.

Sometimes when hearing such complaints, I just want to shout at people: “What’s the point of complaining? If you cannot accept it, change it! If you cannot change, so accept! If you can neither change nor accept , quit it! If you find the town uncomfortable, try changing. When changing is impossible, leaving. The choice is totally yours, why do you have to be that demotivated and take other people’s moods down with you?” They admire the ones escaping and perceived that the ones who stay are losers. To make it worse, they refuse to accomplish the tasks and try burdening others with their supposed-to-be tasks. They may succeed in landing somewhere after leaving the town, eventually, and feeling sorry for the ones living in the town.

To the guy who dropped by the town this afternoon.

Personally, I appreciate that people having a lifelong goal to head for. Instead of earning the instant gratification by trying to accomplish all the minimal tasks, it is important to balance with your own lifelong or ultimate goals that you want to reach for your life. Easier said than done. There is always a fine line existing here and sometimes keeping things at a balanced state is a task that beyond possibilities. Though it is hard in the first place to living your own life without badly affecting the others’ ones, it is not of that difficulty in the long run when you think about ways of aligning your own life with the stream you are walking with.

To the younger guys who keep complaining.

Simply, one sentence: When the town do not suit you, it doesn’t mean the town sucks. It is still your choice. Take it or leave it. Think of  the ultimate goals you are seeking for in the whole life. Even the town or the big cities in the faraway land are only the stops in the journey to your ultimate goals. Expect nothing and appreciate everything, you soon find your answer.


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