Simply Glee


Of all American TV series  I have ever seen in my recent 3 years (I can easily name some as I have rarely spent time watching a TV series since I started university), Glee should be the one that I like the most for its simplicity (especially for ones who hardly find times following the development of the screen plot) and its comprehensibility (for ones who often find it difficult to make sense of all the lines on screen). After long time at work, the most relaxing activity of mine is to turn on the television and watch Glee. I  love the way they refresh the old songs and make even seemingly disastrous songs (or kind of “too popular”-to-listen songs) become enjoyable. Though sometimes I get fed of the bizarre triangle love stories in the show, it is still okay when the characters start to raise their voices. Though Rachel seems to be a much more important character, who are spared with much more slots in the screenplay, the show is still about a group in which people, possessing divergent characteristics yet, shared the same passion with music. It’s just wonderful to imagine that you can live in such artistic atmosphere where the main language is beautiful verse with pleasant melodies.

About my favorite characters, Rachel and Brittany may be these ones. While  I found myself sharing with Rachel some streaks, Brittany’s unconventional characters is something that interests me.

I will not write about the friendship or kind of messages that conveyed. All of these, while may be mentioned somewhere in the Internet, may trigger criticism from ones who scared about the negative effect of the seemingly dilapidated teenage life that presented on the TV shows. It is the music of the shows that makes sense to me. Here below are some of my favorite songs from Glee:


2 responses to “Simply Glee

  1. I quit Glee since mid-season 5, but still it’s something so special. Think I will wait for the show to wrap and start over :))
    I don’t have a favourite character on the show. I think they are equally likeable yet annoying :)) Maybe because the writers make their characters quite inconsistent (one of many reasons why Glee is going down). But the music remains somewhat refreshing.
    I love all performances by The Unholy Trinity, and It’s all coming back to me by Rachel could easily my most favourite. The chill in her voice is just… chilling! Pure talent!


    • Thanks a lot for your comments! Actually sometimes I cannot stand for the complex relationships among the main characters but the music may be a saving grace. For ones who do not intend to remember what ‘s going on the screen like me, nice music is just enough:D


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