2014.10.09. Random thoughts

After a quick chat with my Chinese teacher about HSK and realizing that the passing score for level 5 was 180/300 and there exists no minimum passing rate for each separate part, I feel way relaxed and get some symptoms of a serious disease called “laziness”. Actually, I am not a lazy one but spending one or two straight hours looking at the Chinese books after a whole day working my a** off at work makes me really bored. I spend some of my times staring at the laptop and ask myself where I am heading to.

This post is not about to mention anything like work-life balance or idealism or anything. It is just some random thoughts of mine casually jotted down.

I think of buying a guitar to practice my favorite songs but my hesitation keeps me for so long.

I think of studying Russian but busy work along with my trouble with pronunciation in Russian (which was perceived as a huge problem by my father and he seems not to accept this problem) makes me study at such a slow rate.

I think of improving a novel that I have read recently and trying recounting the story from the third person viewpoint but it was way difficult and I have not summoned enough courage to do.

I think of freedom while I still accept the trivial things holding me tight.

I think of flying to the faraway land but I am afraid of booking the ticket online for my fear of making wrong transactions.

I do know that these fears will lead me to nowhere.

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