It is the first post of mine in 2015. It is simply the first one cause there was no post written in 1 January and it was not until 23:00 of 2 January that I felt like writing something. It was quite abnormal for I have not made any review for 2014 or listed any resolution for 2015 as I did to 2011, 2012, and 2013.

Instead of writing a review and making up a list, I spent my first day of 2015 wandering around my favorite corners in Hanoi. I walked into the book stores to find a book that I rarely have any idea about it but brief introduction on Wikipedia, accidentally went by a book which have been popular among my friend’s book bucket challenge, and picked a book which I have read in Vietnamese before.

The first one is “Great Expectations” written by Charles Dickens. I remember turning on the television one day and seeing the movie with the same title broadcast on television and the next day I found it in a corner of my favorite book store. The idea of “being kind to others will pay off” (I may have read somewhere during my search about this book) has lingered in my mind recently and made me try my best to find this book. Such effort paid off when I finally pulled down the other books just to find it hidden in the farthest corner of the bookshelf.
The second one is “Outliers” by Malcolm Gladwell. I have heard about this title a couple of time during my time at university and seen it listed on the book bucket challenge list made by many friends of mine. The subtitle “The story of success” made me dubious once or twice for my disbelief in a sure-fire formula leading to success or any kind of one-size-fit-all definition of success for everyone. Skepticism remains, however, I challenge myself reading something that I do not believe in and try reading the book without bias or any prejudice. I have already been through the first half: “Opportunity” and wondered about what made the book that successful for its repetition of the obvious things that everyone knows. While I was not stunned at the statistics that the writer made throughout the book and disagreed with some points like the cut-off age, the book, however, made me think hard on some points like the effect of family background on the assertiveness of the children, which in turn may be translated into success and reminded me about the importance of preparation for success taking off.
The third one is “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer & The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” by Mark Twain. I used to read this book when I was a child and I now want to gauge it again in English.
The three books bought in the first day of the year somehow reflect my expectations for 2015. 2015 will be a year with great expectations of mine with loads of plans for the future kicked off. I do not think of myself being an Outlier but I do want to get some insights into the story of success and build one myself and I hope that this year will come as a revelation to me as what an adventure may bring about, except for the terrible or adventurous thing.
Happy new year and wish me and everybody all the best to our future endeavors!

word cloud for year 2015

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