Frictional something…

It has been 1 month since my very last post “Entry into love”. It has been 1 month for the most recent crush. Such passing period of time should be one of the toughest periods for my heart when it ran the whole gamut from crushing, having all the hopes shattered to being lightened up with little hope. It made me recall about the time when I was applying for jobs after graduation. It made me think a lot about “frictional unemployment”.  Sometimes I do hope that such feeling will be over soon, hence, I can come back to my old life before such crush. Sometimes I do hope the uncertainty may linger for a longer while as I do not want to come back to the monotonous period of time. Sometimes I wonder myself that how things do not come in my own ways when it comes to the matter of affection. I try to find the answers but the more I delve into the problem, the more I get into the maze.  And sometimes, however, I do realize that it is not a problem, so it would be by no means easy to find an answer. Maybe as I say, it is frictional and it will just happen for a while soon before it disappears.44867.jpg


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