2015.04.07 Random thoughts

It is not always a good idea to start writing something when the clock begins to turn to another day. And should my boss find my post written at so late the time, it would be by no means an easy task to explain for my not-so-ready mood for work in the next morning.

  1. I remember one sentence from Jane Austen’s “Sense and Sensibility” in relation to being young and unaffected. Being in the state of being affected should be the most annoying yet bizarre experience of mine for the first months of the year. Unaffected and you see thing without bias, allowing opportunities coming to you from all walks. Affected and you are much more insecure, your world is limited to the view of the one that causes such affection. Should it be a reciprocal affection, it would be nice. However, when the affection coming from other side cannot be confirmed but estimated, the affection is nothing but a real nuisance.
  2. People keep asking me “why” a thousand times when they know I start studying CFA like the way people asked me about my motivation of learning Chinese. It took me about 2 years to make such decision. I even wrote out the expected outcomes and the potential risks of such decision, however, when the decision was made, the reason turned out to be very simple: The fear of being ignorant. The more I learn, the more I feel myself incompetent. 2 months counted down to the examination date and I am still in the middle of nowhere but I am quite sure that I am far better than I was 4 months ago.
  3. Recently, I finished reading “The Outliers” of Malcolm Gladwell. As noted in my previous post, I was not convinced by the book for its repetition of the obvious facts or the careless linkage drawn from the fact to the conclusion, it does make me think on some points in relation to the confidence that linked to the legacy or the relationship between the environment where ones were brought up and their personalities or one’s attitude towards life. I would love to have my next post to be titled “The Ivy League vs. The Spinach League; The Beauty vs. The Plain Jane; Men vs. Women: How the differences are realized when it comes to the workplace.”, which have been drawn from some observations of mine from the workplace.

Maybe it’s time for bed and the above should be enough to have myself kick off after long time no writing at all.

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