2015.06.07. Random thoughts

And it’s over. I mean the CFA examination and all the months studying for the exam. It is, however, to be exact, temporarily over. I do not feel good after the exam and it is highly likely that I will have to retake the exam for level 1 next year. I have been told not to underestimate the pressure faced during six-hour exam and I regret that I have not taken the advice serious. I made some stupid mistakes and erased few right answers. I felt a little bit depressed last night and kept chitchatting with my friends about my not-so-good performance at the exam and somehow felt unsecured about my ability and wonder whether my limit has been reached. The morning after the examination, it is a little bit strange to wake up without thinking about what to learn for the upcoming exam. At the same time, Facebook reminded me of some memories taking place few years ago, including a discussion in relation to papers of Financial Economics in my third year at university. It came as weird to me that the paper makes sense to me now ( I was totally obscured about what the heck that the paper talked about that day). It may prove that I do learn something during the last few months, however, the effort expended may not be enough for me to overcome the exam.

People keep asking me about the reason I study for CFA. It made me recall a famous quote by Albert Einstein: “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” However, Einstein did not tell us about the case in which a creature cannot know whether it is a fish or it is a monkey or in the case a creature called monkey wants to learn how to swim for it is bored of climbing trees, should it learn how to swim. From the viewpoint of an investor, it seems that I have made a wrong choice of studying CFA and forgoing some chances of socializing or learning something else other than CFA for CFA’s limited application in what I am doing now. A friend of mine even told me that I am kind of good at writing-related stuff and it comes as surprise to her when I decided to learn these number-ridden things. I just thought of reaching out of my comfort zone and reassure myself that it is like learning another language, trying to understand its principles and taking it as a chance to have my mind exercised.

It is not the first time I got failed so I do know it would be okay. Maybe it is now time to get relaxed, coming back to all the classics, and reflecting.


4 responses to “2015.06.07. Random thoughts

  1. Hei (from the passerby who have been following your blogs for a few months )
    I’ll have the upcoming CFA exam in Dec. I guess I have the same pressure as you did. Whether you’re a fish or a monkey, you’re a strong one. That’s what I thought.
    Wish you have a nice day:)


  2. One’s ongoing journey to figure out whether she is a fish or a monkey or a bird or anything else is interesting. You are making steps toward it. Keep on moving. I also agree with your friend, so keep writing em ah. 😉


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