20160313.Random thoughts

So I force myself to write something. Here I am, between a mess called “peak season” again, exhausted, bored, and stupefied. Nothing is inspiring enough to write. I thought of the On this day app on Facebook, which keep reminding me about how I was so hyper four years ago, which is of course totally contrast to how I am today. Last night when I came back from the office at 10pm, I saw a high school girl carrying a backpack, the side pocket of which contained a shuttle cock. I was strongly struck at such a simple image cause it made me remember the 14-year-old girl who liked playing shuttle cock much enough to bring a shuttle cock along with her all the time.

I decided to reschedule my GMAT exam until the mid-week of June instead of sitting for it at the end of April as planned. I prepared the application package to courses I am interested in within my limited budget of time. I have got hooked with “Descendants of the sun”. Spending time for a TV series is always a guilty pleasure to me, something I know I should not be involved but I break my own rule sometimes eventually. It was the second drama of Song Hye Kyo (surprise) and the first drama of Song Joong Ki that I see. The movie has been a hit in Asia and it is not difficult to find someone at our ages talking about it. While the beautiful cast was the first thing that impressed me, the movie has more to offer. You can find not only the usual love lines as seen on other Korean dramas but also the beautiful idealism shared about the main characters about their professions and their missions. I was also impressed the way the screenwriter develops the story without focusing too much on the main character but exploiting more from the relationship of the other characters in the movie.

It’s time for bed now. Good night. Tan Kyeol.



3 responses to “20160313.Random thoughts

      • just my feeling. I see your life used to be so much colorful (i’ve read your blog since 2012, time flies so fast) (but to honest, I only know you via your blog and there is no direct connection between us, so it can be terrible misunderstanding). Your current posts make me remember about my days in previous job, so bored and lost.


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