Another Sunday conversation with an old friend (Or “Catch-up”, “Me in your eyes”, “The World that We live in”)

Last Sunday, I met an old friend of mine from high school who I have not met for more than six years. We were not so close when we were still at high school and we randomly chatted with each other on Facebook. And it was more than three years since I had a conversation […]

[Book]”Wisest is she who knows she does not know”

“Is there such a thing as natural modesty? Wisest is she who knows she does not know… True insight comes from within. He who knows what is right will do right.” ― Jostein Gaarder, Sophie’s World It was two years ago when I first thought that I should try reading something about philosophy. Years ago, […]

May Day. Random thoughts

Recently, I had two weird dreams. A couple of weeks ago, I dreamt myself walking through forests, through villages, crossing rivers and paddy fields. I even can feel myself like a curious and adventurous traveler, attempting to get in every place that captures my attention. While crossing a primary school (why primary school?), I suddenly […]