Following the trend, I already posted a status on my Facebook on my seven first jobs. It was quite interesting to have a look at all the (paid) jobs I have taken since I was a young girl at secondary school. My first job was a journalist in a magazine established by several classmates of mine at my first year in secondary school. The audiences of the magazine were also my classmates. We drew pictorials, copied several jokes, wrote short stories and collected lyrics from popular songs at that time as well. I remember that we managed to issue three editions before the magazine went bankrupt. I got paid for my first job as well. VND4,000 was such a huge amount for a ten-year-old girl 14 years ago and it helped me finance for the bicycle parking fee for more than one month (the bicycle parking fee was VND200/one turn back then). During my time at schools, I attempted to write articles for magazines for teenagers but had never had any feedback.

My second job was kind of filling up the letter that called for enrollment into a private university during my summer vacation in 2007. A friend of my parents was working in the Admission Department of a private university somehow got access to thousands of application forms for universities of high school students in Hanoi. She then had us get the name and address of the students, fill in the letters and pack them in envelopes to send to these students. It was quite interesting to realize the large number of application forms submitted by a student as well as how carelessly most of them filled out the forms. Later, as the number of the students was as not high as expected, I also filled in the name of my friends at both secondary and high schools and sent to them.

Upon entrance at university, I became a private English tutor for children in my neighborhood. It turns out that it was among the most popular jobs that my friends took during time at university. The time as tutor brought to me a lot of lessons such as how to keep patient, how to communicate effectively to students. I kept tutoring until I was admitted for the fifth job below.

My fourth job was a movie translator. When I was a sophomore, I tried my best to find other working experience to fill up my CV and movie translator came in right at the first place. The job seemed to be well paid at first place but it turned out to be one of the most arduous jobs I have taken so far. For a movie that lasts for 2 hours, it took me more than a day to watch and re-watch the movie, do some research and finish the translation. That I did not have to translate horror movie is something I kept as the saving grace for the job.

My fifth job was my job in IDG Vietnam. You may have read some posts of mine before in this blog. It was such a long time ago, more than four years to be exact that I had the first office job ever in my life. Every time when I looked back on these first days of mine in IDG, I was surprised at how fast the time flies.

For the sixth item, I decided to list out all the miscellaneous jobs that I have ever taken during my time at university like research, translation, filing, data input. Data input for a PhD candidate should be another crazy job that I have taken so far. My task was downloading the financial statements of Companies in FTSE500 then filling in the spreadsheets with lots of data like number of subsidiaries, revenue, profit, etc. The task was so repetitive that I gave up after finishing inserting data for one year.

The seventh job is the current job of mine as well as the first job I have taken since I graduated from university. It is also the longest job I have taken so far. During these three years, there was more than once that I want to quit the job due to its tight deadline and heavy workload but magically, I am still here. Honestly, I find the job fit my personality a lot and there are still lots of things I am willing to learn in this job. Though everyone I met keeps asking me if I advise for tax avoidance or when I will leave, I myself know that perhaps it will take a couple years before I think that I would leave the firm.

If I list down the unpaid job/ work, the list may be longer. Blogging may be a job of mine, you may say. Other than the reason that it is unpaid, the other reason for blogging not listed above is that I really want to separate a job that I earn for life with a hobby that I purely take for entertainment purposes.

And what about your seven first jobs (that paid)?


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