[Fragriver in Taiwan] The feel of Taiwan

I arrived in Taiwan in early Friday morning. It was about 5:50 am when I woke up and realised that the sun was about to rise. The scenery is totally amazing. It is always amazing to see sunrise in any place you go and the same thing happens when you saw the sunrise on the plane. After one day travelling and long time spent waiting at Tan Son Nhat Airport, I was so tired that I felt uncomfortable when reaching Taoyuan International Airport. I had a little trouble when doing some immigration procedures. The officer at the Immigration Desk said that it is recorded on the system that I am about to study here for six months (I do hope that I can) but I was granted with three-month visa only. After few minutes checking, I can enter into Taiwan eventually and my journey in Taiwan begins now.

As I expected, almost everything in Taiwan is well-organized and convenient, even for foreigners. I do not know if it is a little bit more difficult for ones without Chinese language background but I think it would be okay for foreigners to navigate the traffic or ticket systems here. As I have already studied a lot about Taiwan before coming, I found it not so difficult to travel by bus or MRT. Actually, I get used to it immediately and do enjoy the convenience here. I reached the hostel effortlessly and found my way to the National Immigration Agency to obtain the Uniform ID for foreigners. The whole procedure is quite simple to follow and the officers are friendly as well.

In the first day, I did not visit any special place in Taipei like any kind of tourist attraction but spent time wandering around some corners near my hostel and the National Immigration Agency Office. It is just like walking to feel like a local and to get the feel of Taiwan that I have expected before getting there.

Here comes some of my pictures for the first days in Taiwan.


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