[Fragriver in Taiwan] Au revoir Taipei – It is still like a dream

It has been around nine months since I left Taipei. Whenever thinking back on the days in Taipei, I still felt like a dream. Taipei should have appeared for thousand times in my conversation with friends or family members or colleagues, images of Taipei have been posted for thousand times on Facebook or Instagram, and I kept browsing the old photos taken in Taipei last year for more than million times. I remember checking the airfare for trip to Taipei more than once and even try using Google Maps to “walk” through the streets in Taipei. I really really really miss Taipei.

It is just like another struggle of mine. Should I continue to pursue my childhood dream of studying in Europe by struggling with the arduous work with heavy workload and tight deadline for saving purposes? Or I just give up having my mind and my body worn out everyday after coming back home by gambling on a more certain choice by studying in Taipei?

One month ago, in a busy Friday afternoon, I suddenly found out a styled photo in panorama style automatically created by my Google Photo from the separate photos of Xinyi District taken by me while visiting KPMG Office, located at the 68th Floor of Taipei 101 in 19 September 2016. It was so strange to have a look at Xinyi District from such a height. I can point out almost every place on the photo, from the bus stop that I used to get off whenever coming to Eslite Bookstore, the Eslite Bookstore (for sure), the roads that I walked through in the free walking tour, the lanes where Yuta, Sang Hee and I wandered to find a food stall in our very first class. It was just like yesterday when we first knew each other, we together went to Eslite Bookstore to buy the textbook for our Chinese class, we then had a meal in a Taiwanese restaurant where I have my very first pineapple fried rice.


Vietw from KPMG Office in Taipei – From the 68th Floor of Taipei

Recently, I watched a movie named “Au revoir Taipei”. The movie’s background was set in Taipei. The storyline is also very simple. The main character is a recent graduate from a university in Taiwan. The story started when the main character said goodbye to his girlfriend, who embarked on her journey to France. “Paris is romantic, so how about Taipei”. That boy patiently called his girlfriend everyday even when his girlfriend continuosly rejected his phone or gently refused to talk with him. That boy went to a bookstore to read French textbook every day. In the bookstore, he got acquainted to a girl who worked parttime there. He then helped a friend of his family, who was a mafia to transfer an unknown object so that he would be reimbursed with cash to go to Paris to meet his girlfriend without knowing that such object was also wanted by the police and another mafia. He, his best friend, and the girl he met at the bookstore then got involved in a catching game around Taipei. (For a better review in Vietnamese, please visit this link and this link).

au revoir taipei 2

Screenshot from Au Revoir Taipei

au revoir taipei

Screenshot from Au Revoir Taipei

Actually when writing about the movie, I do not remember much about what happened to the main characters. Things that stay in mind were the familiar yet beautiful sceneries of Taipei. The little lane after the rain. The quiet bookstore. The busy night market. The lane on the riverside. The sound from the automatic door of the convenience store when a guest came in. The real estate store on the street of Taipei with pieces of leaflets sticked at the door and the plastic chairs with table. The MRT. Daan Park. It was just so Taipei in the most authentic way. Why do people have to seek for the romance in the faraway land but fail to realise the romance in the most familiar scenes around them?

Au Revoir Taipei. I will surely meet you soon.

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  1. It’s extremely great sharing experience for those who are interested in travelling in Taiwan.
    I suddenly reach to your blog by searching some information about Taiwan then I read a lot of your post , so amazing , cannot stop to find and reach more and more.
    Thank you.

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