Packing…in progress

Packing is not always easy.

I remember years ago when I started to go on vacation on my own to Ho Chi Minh City or Singapore, I only thought about bringing enough clothes for the days far away from home. Even after several years of joining the workforce, having some trips with my colleagues (and somehow getting some basic ideas about what people bring when they are on the vacation), I do not have any significant changes in my packing list but add only sunscream and face cleaser.

I once have a glance at the checklist of my cousin’s packing list for her three-day trip to Da Nang, Vietnam. She wrote out a detailed list of which set of clothes to wear for the morning, for the afternoon, for the evening for every day. Such a list is like a total new experience to me. And if you remember this post (7 days in Thailand – What type of travelers are you) in which I once mentioned the style of traveler a girl could be, I am not the type of girls who would bring the whole closet to travel. Though now I totally sympathize with these girls’ obsession for nice photos to change on Facebook profile, I still cannot force myself into wearing fancy dress for nice pose. Plus, I am a lone traveler in most of my recent trip, therefore, it is often the case that I cannot bother a stranger to spend around thirty minutes to take a decent photo for me. The story seems to be a little bit off track now. Coming back to the story of packing luggage, I am now a little bit perflexed about what to put in my luggage for the longest trip from home in my life so far. Unlike the last time when I went to Taiwan, a country that shares a lot of similarity in culture, fashion, food, and weather with the north of Vietnam, and for three months only, this time I will spend the next two years in Finland, a country that lies about 10,000 km away from Vietnam and hardly could I see any common shared between Finland and Vietnam. I have to anticipate almost every situation that could happen and bring as much as I can. My friends who have studied abroad in Finland advised me that there would be many things that I even would not use once when I came here, however, I cannot help putting almost everything popping up in my mind as well as putting lots of my favourite outfits into the luggage. Perhaps, for the next days, I will spend time going through the items I have put into the suitcase already and decide which to leave at home to make more rooms for more necessary stuff.

From the bottom of my heart, I just wish I could pack my family along with me, my favorite food in Hanoi, my bookshelf. Or I wish there would be a miraculous door of Doraemon that allows me to stay at home in Hanoi at night but once walk out from this door, the city of Helsinki would be there.

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