Hyvää maanantaita! And my recent booming WordPress stat!


My stat on WordPress this morning

Waking up in the early morning, I realised my stat on WordPress is booming with most of views coming from Taiwan. Recently, I wrote an article (named 我是一個越南人,卻在芬蘭想念著台灣:「台灣沒有越南那麽擁擠,也沒有歐洲那麽偏僻,就是剛剛好。」) (that was published on Crossing 換日線 and I did not expect that there would be a lot of people reading it. Then the article was posted on the fan page of Crossing 換日線 and then 天下雜志 (Common Wealth magazine). Yah, it makes me feel a little bit nervous when seeing lots of people really paying attention to it (more than 15,000 views on the website and hundred shares on Facebook so far T.T), especially when seeing the comments below from the netizens (both “網民” and “酸民”). Actually, what I do hope is that people will read it carefully (and see all types of disclaimers of mine included in the article :P) and see that what I mean to write in the article is not to boast about Taiwan over other countries in the world but it is my special love (a little bit with bias;) ) (偏愛)  for Taiwan to other places I have been to so far (有人會覺得我在拍馬屁但是這不是我的想法哦 ;)). Perhaps I will spend sometime in the near future writing about interesting things I really like about my Master study program in Finland as well as in Hanken School of Economics recently and why Finland is a really nice destination to study. (提到漢肯經濟學院,它在芬蘭與阿爾托大學算是平起平坐欸,爲什麽臺灣人總是會忽略它哦?校裏很難看到臺灣同學哦)

Hyvää maanantaita! Happy Monday with my photos of Hanken!


Hanken School of Economics (Hanken svenska handelshögskolan)


Hanken School of Economics (Hanken svenska handelshögskolan)

P/S: I love how people love my translation of “Diaspora Blues” by Ijeoma Umebinyuo from English to Chinese.

So, here you are
Too foreign for home
Too foreign for here.
Never enough for both.

Ijeoma Umebinyuo


5 responses to “Hyvää maanantaita! And my recent booming WordPress stat!

  1. Hello! me too get to visit your blog through 換日綫, and i am so interested to know more about your learning experience and i have passion in translation,maybe we can have a little bit of discussion? May i connect with you or have your email? Thanks a lot in advance.


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