Light years away / Passengers (2016) / 光年之外


Yesterday, I don’t know for any special reason, I started to listen “Light years away” (光年之外) written by G.E.M 鄧紫棋 a Hongkongese singer carefully for the first time. Although I heard about G.E.M before in several music forums, I was not so interested in finding her songs (You know, most of my favourite songs or bands or singers are both found accidentally). It should be a month ago when I saw G.E.M’s performance of popular Chinese songs that reached more than 100 million views in YouTube in Golden Melody Awards 30 (金曲獎) (a prominent music award in Chinese speaking music industry), I started to be interested in her song. Yesterday, when my Youtube playlist shuffled to “Light years away”, I did not skip but listened carefully and immediately was moved by the melody and the lyrics. Later, I was attracted by the appearance of Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt in the background of the music video, then I decided to watch Passengers 2016. It is a good movie indeed. Despite many unfavorable criticisms towards the movie’s plots and scientific stuff (gravity things, etc.), I found the movie satisfactory in the sense that it has conveyed a lot of intriguing thoughts about how we live and enjoy our life.

The movie plot is quite simple with two main characters and several supporting characters who had some lines in the movie. A mechanical engineer named Jim left the Earth as he thought he could create something new in a new planet. A writer named Aurora left the Earth to pursue her desire of writing a great book, which would be read by people on the Earth 250 years later. They were supposed to sleep for 120 years before arriving the new planet but then an accident took place and make the male character awake 90 years earlier. Struggling with loneliness in one year, he then decided to wake the female character up and become his companion. Of course, love happened. Conflicts happened as well when the female character found out that she was not waken up by accident but on the male character’s purpose. I actually wish the movie could further investigate in reconciling such conflicts rather than just having Gus, the later awaken cabin crew, look at Aurora, telling her that “the drowning man (Jim) will always try and drag somebody down with him. It ain’t right, but the man’s drowning.

I mean it is quite a good point to rationalise Jim’s action but it was made so briefly. I have seen some comments somewhere morally criticising Jim’s action but I guess in such a case, it is too hard to rely on from moral perspective only to make a judgement. I was also specially moved by this part of movie scripts when Aurora watched the message from her best friend in her farewell party to the new planet. It somehow strikes a chord to me.

“You were never happy here. I know.

Nothing was ever enough for you.

You know, you don’t have to go.

You could do whatever it is you have to do right here.


Since you’re going, here’s my wish.

I hope you finally find someone who fills your heart, and

I hope you let him in.

I hope you realise you don’t have to do

something amazing to be happy.

You know, have fun, take chances.



This part along with the part when the two characters had a short conversation about why they left the Earth strikes a strong chord with me. I can totally relate that feeling of Aurora when she felt not belonging to the place she used to be and her desire to venture into something new and amazing. I feel the wish of her best friend something so familiar with what I received before I decided to go to study abroad.

  • And I’ll be the only writer to ever travel to a colony world and come back. I’ll have a story no one else can tell.
  • What story?
  • Humanity’s flight to the stars. The greatest migration in human history.
  • It’s the biggest story there is. But you won’t know any of the people who are reading it.

Sounds familiar, huh? Will it matter if things you do are not recognised by ones you know?

I guess I will leave my post open here for further imagination and curiousity for ones who have not seen the movie. Coming back to G.E.M.’s song, it was the theme song specially written by G.E.M. for the movie promotion in Chinese speaking region. G.E.M. also performed this song in 2019 NASA Breakthrough Awards in last November and I was totally stunned at her confident performance in front of non-Chinese speaking audiences.

If you have seen the movie, the Chinese lyric is totally gem that comes along so well with the movie plot.

如何瞬間 凍結時間
也許已經 沒有明天

漂浮在 一片無奈


我沒想到 為了你 我能瘋狂到
山崩海嘯 沒有你 根本不想逃
我的大腦 為了你 已經瘋狂到
脈搏心跳 沒有你 根本不重要

足夠抵擋 天旋地轉
足以點燃 所有希望

顛簸 卻如此忘我

也許航道以外 是醒不來的夢
亂世以外 是純粹的相擁
相遇亂世以外 危難中相愛
相遇亂世以外 危難中相愛

I feel your fingers linger in my hair

And a moment from time borrow

I am arrested by your determining eyes looking; Perhaps there is no tomorrow already


Seeing this unending sky

We seem to be no more than dust flying inside a helpless time


In the midst of chaos we have come to know

Love that supercedes all danger, even so

Maybe in the unknown of lightyears far from here

I am willing to stay and wait for you dear


Never knew that

For your sake I would go insane

Waves and landslides

Without you I cannot escape

From my own mind

For your sake I can only say

My heart will die

Without you I can’t live one day


Your arms are wrapped securely around me

They can hold up both earth and sky

And your persistent love is all I need

to fill me up with hope and light


The universe is boundless and cold

But I know that our love will always hold

and enfold us within its mold



Beyond this road

Are dreams that do not wake

Outside this world

Is the only pure embrace


Encounter in the mid of chaos

Fall in love in the mid of danger

I never expected for it previously

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