Packing…in progress

Packing is not always easy. I remember years ago when I started to go on vacation on my own to Ho Chi Minh City or Singapore, I only thought about bringing enough clothes for the days far away from home. Even after several years of joining the workforce, having some trips with my colleagues (and […]

[Fragriver in Taiwan] A short trip to Laomei Green Reef (老梅綠石槽), Fugueijiao Lighthouse (富貴角燈塔) and Laomei Maze (老梅迷宮)

I have been back…to Taiwan…for a week. While I have not finished writing about all stories about my three months in Taiwan in 2016, I cannot resist my nostalgia for Taipei and decided to book round ticket to Taiwan for a week. Thanks to the new visa policy, I was not required to apply visa […]

[Dịch] Hoa cỏ – Long Ứng Đài/ 花樹 – 龍應台

Khi còn sống ở châu Âu, tôi thường đi nhổ cỏ dại ở vườn hoa, dù vậy lúc nào cũng sẽ để chừa lại một khóm, để cỏ dại có thể lớn lên. Hè đến, cúc dại trắng li ti đua nhau đội đất mọc lên, cao bằng một đứa trẻ, sau đó thì mỗi […]

[Fragriver in Taiwan] The third day in Tainan: Sihcao Green Tunnel, Qigu Salt Mountain

Recently, I get to know a new colleague from Taiwan, named Peiyi. Peiyi is two years senior to me. She finished Master study in Law in NCCU and had two years of experience living in the South of Vietnam. We then have quite good chitchat, mainly in Chinese, with each other about my experience in […]

[Fragriver in Taiwan] The second day in Tainan: Confucius Temple, Yeh Shih-tao Literature Memorial Hall, National Museum of Taiwan Literature

After visiting Anping Old Street, I decided to part with my Finnish travel mate to head back to the city center to visit Confucius Temple. Tainan’s Confucius Temple is the oldest Confucius Temple in Taiwan. Though I had been to Confucius Temples in both Taipei and Kaohsiung but I still did not lose my enthusiasm […]

[Fragriver in Taiwan] The second day in Tainan: National identity and … Anping Old Street

Does “national identity” have anything to do with Tainan? I had not been that aware about “national identity” until when I came to Taiwan. If you are the one who are interested in history and culture, Taiwan itself is an ideal place for you to be exposed to the “national identity”. As I have already […]