Fragriver in Taiwan


After one day spending at the airport, inclusive of 5-hour flights from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City and from Ho Chi Minh City to Taipei and a 8-hour wait in between, I finally made it to Taiwan, the place that I have already mentioned more than once in my blog and my friends (my colleagues, my friends at university, the two sisters of acquaintance, etc.) get fed of hearing at my intention of spending a period of my life living in Taiwan. And as I hate keeping them hearing about my excuse for delaying it, I realize this intention this year by applying for Huayu Enrichment Scholarship this year and fortunately, being entitled to a 3-month course offered by National Chengchi University. As it is my very first trip abroad on my own, I am so excited about the trip and find it difficult to sleep some days before my flights to Taiwan and on my first steps on the Taoyuan Airport, I just feel like Alice in Wonderland. I have thought of writing about my daily life in Taiwan in the next three months, not kind of travel journal or travel guide but simple reflection of my life during the next three months.

  1. The feel of Taiwan
  2. The free walking tours
  3. It’s you
  4. National Chengchi University
  5. A trip to the Western part of Taipei
  6. Tamsui & Beitou: A day trip for Taiwanese movie fans
  7. Something related to Museums, History and Bookstores (My visit to 228 Memorial Museum, National Taiwan Museum and Eslite Bookstore)
  8. My very first month in Taipei
  9. Trip to Changhua
  10. The artistic side of Taipei – “文青”臺北
  11. On my Chinese learning experience in general and learning experience in Taiwan in particular
  12. A trip to Thousand-Island Lake (千島湖)
  13. Slow – 慢
  14. Serendipity, again
  15. Hualien – Taroko National Park: A nice trip to the Great Nature
  16. Bookstores in Taipei: The Independent Bookstores/ Eslite Bookstores
  17. Kaohsiung – The first impression
  18. Kaohsiung – The second day: Hamasen Cultural Tour Bus
  19. Au Revoir Taipei – It’s still like a dream
  20. Kaohsiung – The third day: Foguangshan Buddha Museum, Fongyi Academy, Lotus Pond
  21. The first day in Tainan
  22. The second day in Tainan: National identity and … Anping Old Street
  23. The second day in Tainan: Confucius Temple, Yeh Shih-tao Literature Memorial Hall, National Museum of Taiwan Literature
  24. The third day in Tainan: Sihcao Green Tunnel, Qigu Salt Mountain
  25. A short trip to Laomei Green Reef (老梅綠石槽), Fugueijiao Light House (富貴角燈塔), and Laomei Maze (老梅迷宮)

  26. 臺北該怎麽形容?