Who is more charming: the chaebol kid or the one building a great fortune from the scratch?

1. It all started from the worries of an ordinary student I am a final year student, an ordinary student about to graduate in this June. Every night, or at least almost every night, I keep turning and tossing, thinking about the steps I should take after graduating, things I have to learn to enrich my […]

Just some thoughts on “Gender Equality and Family Dilemma”

This morning, while checking Facebook I came by a status posted by one of my friends: ‎“I believe in the proper education of woman. But I do believe that woman will not make her contribution to the world by mimicking or running a race with men. She can run the race, but she will not […]

Some movies I have seen during Tet holiday [PART 1]

It has been 10 days since I last posted somethingon WordPress. Life was way busy those days as Tet Holiday has just come by and it is quite difficult to have a mood for writing in such a festive atmosphere. During Tet Holiday, I spent most of my time doing homework, reading books relating to […]

Reflections on Global Leadership Activating Day organized by AIESEC!

For some of you who do not know what is Global Leadership Activating Day, I want to make a brief introduction. This is an event held by members of AIESEC FTU Hanoi with purpose of furnishing students with some basic concepts relating to leadership skill, especially leadership skill in multicultural environment. The event took place […]