Learning Chinese by Facebook/ My own review of several Facebook pages written in Chinese

There are two reasons that make me write this post. First, recently, some friends of mine, who are not majoring in Chinese or living in China/Taiwan/any Chinese-speaking countries, asked me about my experience in learning Chinese. These friends of mine may have learnt Chinese in Vietnam or in the US and their Chinese learning experiences […]

Who is more charming: the chaebol kid or the one building a great fortune from the scratch?

1. It all started from the worries of an ordinary student I am a final year student, an ordinary student about to graduate in this June. Every night, or at least almost every night, I keep turning and tossing, thinking about the steps I should take after graduating, things I have to learn to enrich my […]

Coming back from the deep

I just write this note to confirm that I am fine after escaping from the depth of desperation. Sometimes, thinking much can not help you find an effective approach to the problem. Just let it be. I will try my best. I find it interesting to be surrounded by lots of friends and we both […]

Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother – Just some thoughts

Recently,I have read an article written on my local newspaper relating to this best-seller. This is a controversial book of an author called Amy Chua. In this book, she has written about how she has educated her children, and her method of bringing up children is deem to help her girls mature and be accepted […]