A wonderful trip to Duong Lam Village

For one who don’t know about Duong Lam, I will give a brief introduction about this beautiful village. Duong Lam is located in Son Tay, about 85 kilometers from Hanoi. Duong Lam has been listed as traditional village since 2006. This village was also the place of birth of many important figures in Vietnamese history […]

Reflections on Global Leadership Activating Day organized by AIESEC!

For some of you who do not know what is Global Leadership Activating Day, I want to make a brief introduction. This is an event held by members of AIESEC FTU Hanoi with purpose of furnishing students with some basic concepts relating to leadership skill, especially leadership skill in multicultural environment. The event took place […]

Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother – Just some thoughts

Recently,I have read an article written on my local newspaper relating to this best-seller. This is a controversial book of an author called Amy Chua. In this book, she has written about how she has educated her children, and her method of bringing up children is deem to help her girls mature and be accepted […]

“What I have done?”, “Live high” and “Touch the sky”

This post may resonate you with famous songs sung of Linkin Park, Jason Mraz and Arvil Lagvine. However, in this post I do not mean to mention these songs or anything I mention here does not relate to the content of them. This post is just something for me to make a revision of what […]