Learning for learning’s sake

I remember long time ago when I first entered into primary school, my teacher raised a question to her students: “Who do you learn for?” I was little bit surprised and confused to figure out the answer at so young the age while my friends unanimously shouted out loud: “Learn for ourselves.” Our teacher, satisfied […]

A cause to support…

I remember creating my LinkedIn profile, there is a part on LinkedIn profile, in which people have to answer the question of the cause that they support. I remember reading a commencement speech or kind of inspirational speech for young people, in which there exists a part saying that you should pick up someone to […]

In today‘s competitive world, many families find it necessary for both parents to go out to work. While some say the children in these families benefit from the additional income, other fear that they lack support because of their parents’ absence. Discuss both views and give your own opinion

  The increasing rate of development taking place in the last centuries has improved people’s living standard, making our lives much more comfortable. Comfortable as it is, life is not easier as is supposed but more competitive and complicated.  It turns to be much more difficult for a modern family to make both ends meet, […]

Film reflection – 3 idiots

It is a reflection of the movie I have just finished watching this afternoon. It is just defined as a relection as I do not think it is qualified as a review. This reflection is just about to provide me with chances to express my feelings about it. “3 idiots” is a famous film made […]

A feeling of tranquility

Winter has come around the corner and it takes me much more time to escape from the attractiveness of the bed every morning. Everything is still running on its own repetitive schedule. Sometimes, I get fed up with this ordinary life but sometimes, a beautiful morning sitting before the computer screen really brings me with […]