Extraordinary Christmas with EC

Yesterday, I had an extraordinary Christmas with my English Club. This Christmas is the first time I enjoy a party with them though I have been a member for 3 years. Whenever we are together, there are often lots of laugh and fun.I also felt moved when senior students of my club said goodbye to […]


昨天,天气很热,我有点儿不舒服。上线,看到朋友们,有人学习学得很好,有人找到很好的工作,心里有点儿不满。他们都好像我,为什么我没有他们的厉害?所以,有点儿生气,不要做什么事,只要在网看脸谱网,只想听音乐,看录像。我们的英文俱乐部最近活动的不太效果,成员不太热情,我为看他们很烦恼。不过,还有很多人对俱乐部的事业很有责任,所以感觉心里有点儿安慰。我开始动脑筋,想一想今年我们会组织什么章程,有什么新花样。有什么问题做不到? 加油!加油!加油!要我对工作,对学习尽心,就收到好结果!!! 今天,看到我们俱乐部的首领,手里把一新盒scrabble(一种拼字游戏),感到很开心,只要拥抱她! 后天,我就跟他们练习舞蹈。这机会一定很热闹,一定很快乐! 世界上有什么问题做不到!我们还年轻,很热情。要做什么就做到!

Reflections on Global Leadership Activating Day organized by AIESEC!

For some of you who do not know what is Global Leadership Activating Day, I want to make a brief introduction. This is an event held by members of AIESEC FTU Hanoi with purpose of furnishing students with some basic concepts relating to leadership skill, especially leadership skill in multicultural environment. The event took place […]

College survival or something useful for the freshman as I suppose!

It is on the occasion of my sister entering into university and finishing some kind of procedure to become an official student of FTU that prompts me to write this post. I am currently a junior of this school, which means I have spent 2 years studying at this school as well as being a […]

Do universities have much to do with your future?

Recently,  I have worried much about my future career. By accident, I have read a note written by a recent graduate on Facebook, she expresses her anxiety of finding a good job after graduating from university. The problem in which students who just graduate from schools is not rare, at least as I have seen […]

“What I have done?”, “Live high” and “Touch the sky”

This post may resonate you with famous songs sung of Linkin Park, Jason Mraz and Arvil Lagvine. However, in this post I do not mean to mention these songs or anything I mention here does not relate to the content of them. This post is just something for me to make a revision of what […]

A day full of joy, full of laugh ——-> We’re all in this together!!!!!!!!!!!!

I get home now, sitting in front of the screen of my computer, however, the joyful atmosphere of today still appears somewhere, no, everywhere, to be exact, in my mind. Today, I had a training session, a rehearsal with my beloved friends in English Club of Foreign Trade University. We are preparing for the biggest […]