A feeling of tranquility

Winter has come around the corner and it takes me much more time to escape from the attractiveness of the bed every morning. Everything is still running on its own repetitive schedule. Sometimes, I get fed up with this ordinary life but sometimes, a beautiful morning sitting before the computer screen really brings me with […]

Coming back from the deep

I just write this note to confirm that I am fine after escaping from the depth of desperation. Sometimes, thinking much can not help you find an effective approach to the problem. Just let it be. I will try my best. I find it interesting to be surrounded by lots of friends and we both […]

Creative writing – Prompt 3

Sometimes, it is difficult to start a new post on WordPress, therefore, I try to find some prompts provided on the Internet. This time, I get accessed to a website named Creative Writing Prompts, and I find some really interesting but challenging prompts. Today, I choose the prompt numbered 3, which is: The dictionary atop […]

Information is not knowledge – Knowledge is not understanding!

“Data is not information. Information is not knowledge. Knowledge is not understanding. Understanding is not wisdom.” Today morning, after studying “Accounting Principle”, I was informed of a conference held by the Faculty of Business Administration by my lecturer. As my teacher of English was absent from class today, my friends and I decided to attend […]