[Fragriver in Taiwan] On my Chinese learning experience in general and Chinese learning experience in Taiwan in particular

Last Friday, when I struggled to finish my writing assignment in Chinese related to feminism, and my mind incessantly switched between Chinese, English and Vietnamese, mixed feelings of thrill and somehow pride suddenly came across my mind. Learning language should be the most favourite hobby of mine, to which I have dedicated lots of my […]

Hanging out with friends made my day!!!!!!!

It is wonderful to see my life filled with full of energy!!!!!!!!! Hanging out with friends coming from the extra English class I am currently taking is really an awesome experience. I wondered, at first, about how we would communicate with each other when we are coming from different universities, at a variety of ages, […]

Creative writing – Prompt 3

Sometimes, it is difficult to start a new post on WordPress, therefore, I try to find some prompts provided on the Internet. This time, I get accessed to a website named Creative Writing Prompts, and I find some really interesting but challenging prompts. Today, I choose the prompt numbered 3, which is: The dictionary atop […]

“What I have done?”, “Live high” and “Touch the sky”

This post may resonate you with famous songs sung of Linkin Park, Jason Mraz and Arvil Lagvine. However, in this post I do not mean to mention these songs or anything I mention here does not relate to the content of them. This post is just something for me to make a revision of what […]