[Fragriver in Taiwan] Bookstores in Taipei: The independent bookstores/ Eslite Bookstores

Bookstores are always listed in must-visit places in almost every place I travel. I get into a habit of visiting a bookstore in any place where I visit (Of course, this bookstore should be a good one according to my own criteria), choosing some good books and recording the place, the date and signing on […]

[Fragriver in Taiwan] Something related to Museums, History and Bookstore

Instead of going to Yangmingshan National Park as planned, I decided to visit a couple of museums in Taipei last Sunday. If I have to say what has impressed me the most in Taiwan, it should be Taiwanese’s flair and enthusiasm for running museums. Taiwanese has museum for hot springs, museum for specific event, memorial museums for […]

[Fragriver in Taiwan] The free walking tours

There comes a perk of traveling alone. You can go wherever you want and meet a bunch of new friends on the way. It does not mean that traveling with friends is boring at all but sometimes traveling on my own does bring about some amazing experiences. In my second day in Taiwan, as it was […]