Alma Mater

Alma mater (Latin: alma “nourishing/kind”, mater “mother”; pl. [rarely used] almae matres) is an allegorical Latin phrase for a university orcollege. It is used to refer to a school which an individual has attended.[1] In English, the phrase is variously translated as “nourishing mother,” “nursing mother,” or “fostering mother,” suggesting that a school provides intellectual nourishment to its students. Source: Wikipedia Yesterday I had the chance […]

Internship journal – My first two weeks in IDG Ventures Vietnam

It has been 2 weeks since I officially signed the offer letter to be an intern in IDG Ventures Vietnam. I have been very busy for the last 2 weeks, therefore, I could not spare enough time doing other things like learning Financial Statement Analysis or Accounting as I have planned before Tet Holiday. About my […]

In the chaos of choices, decisions, and …hopes

It is always not easy to come to the final decisions. No matter how carefully you analysed the problem, there remain some uncertainties that make decision making process difficult to be executed. In my life, there’re lots of time when I find it hard to make a sensible decision. When I was about to enter […]

Extraordinary Christmas with EC

Yesterday, I had an extraordinary Christmas with my English Club. This Christmas is the first time I enjoy a party with them though I have been a member for 3 years. Whenever we are together, there are often lots of laugh and fun.I also felt moved when senior students of my club said goodbye to […]

College survival or something useful for the freshman as I suppose!

It is on the occasion of my sister entering into university and finishing some kind of procedure to become an official student of FTU that prompts me to write this post. I am currently a junior of this school, which means I have spent 2 years studying at this school as well as being a […]