[Fragriver in Taiwan] On my Chinese learning experience in general and Chinese learning experience in Taiwan in particular

Last Friday, when I struggled to finish my writing assignment in Chinese related to feminism, and my mind incessantly switched between Chinese, English and Vietnamese, mixed feelings of thrill and somehow pride suddenly came across my mind. Learning language should be the most favourite hobby of mine, to which I have dedicated lots of my […]

[Fragriver in Taiwan] The artistic side of Taipei – “文青”臺北

Why “文青”? Why “the artistic side”? Warning: This part acts as a disclaimer (Well, disclaimer is an inevitable part of my current work as a tax consultant) for my use of these terms. As a part of my daily life in Taipei now, I try to participate in cultural activities held in Taipei as much as […]

[Fragriver in Taiwan] National Chengchi University

It’s time to write something about the university where I am about to learn Mandarin Chinese for the next three months. National Chengchi University (國立政治大學), as its name Chengchi (which means “politics”) may suggest, is among the most prestigious universities in Taiwan, specializing in arts and humanities, social sciences, management, politics, and international affairs. It […]