Learning Chinese by Facebook/ My own review of several Facebook pages written in Chinese

There are two reasons that make me write this post. First, recently, some friends of mine, who are not majoring in Chinese or living in China/Taiwan/any Chinese-speaking countries, asked me about my experience in learning Chinese. These friends of mine may have learnt Chinese in Vietnam or in the US and their Chinese learning experiences […]

I think I have left a piece of my heart somewhere in Singapore

Travelling, as usual, brings us with a host of positive impacts on our mindset by immersing us in new settings with new people, providing with chances of exchanging ideas and love to find out how big our minds and our hearts could be opened up to.  It has been more than 1 week since I […]

Life update|Connect.Empower.Inspire|Cinderella and back to basic after Prom

Sometimes, I want to spare a post to write about a specific controversial issue in the society recently or write a reflection on the awesome articles I have read somewhere, however, it seems to be difficult to write something that I do not have enough ideas or clear mindset about this. It seems easier to […]