Frictional unemployment or the answer to the question: “How am I still unemployed?”

Today while browsing about my favorite journal The Economist and reading the article about Youth unemployment in Europe, I suddenly thought of writing about my current situation in an attempt to explain the reason why I am still unemployed. Before getting started, let’s spend a few minutes on definitions: “Unemployment: (or joblessness) occurs when people are without […]

Who is more charming: the chaebol kid or the one building a great fortune from the scratch?

1. It all started from the worries of an ordinary student I am a final year student, an ordinary student about to graduate in this June. Every night, or at least almost every night, I keep turning and tossing, thinking about the steps I should take after graduating, things I have to learn to enrich my […]

I think I have left a piece of my heart somewhere in Singapore

Travelling, as usual, brings us with a host of positive impacts on our mindset by immersing us in new settings with new people, providing with chances of exchanging ideas and love to find out how big our minds and our hearts could be opened up to.  It has been more than 1 week since I […]

Autumn rhapsody

Autumn is always my most favorite season in the year. There’s no more heavy rain and the annoying hot and humid weather prevailing as it is in the summer. Autumn with its gentle breeze, the cool atmosphere really works in helping people calm down and sparing little moment for them to be an amateur poet […]