[Fragriver in Taiwan] The second day in Tainan: National identity and … Anping Old Street

Does “national identity” have anything to do with Tainan? I had not been that aware about “national identity” until when I came to Taiwan. If you are the one who are interested in history and culture, Taiwan itself is an ideal place for you to be exposed to the “national identity”. As I have already […]

[Dịch] Sống nơi xứ người – Hứa Tinh Phương/ 活在他方/摘錄自許菁芳《台北女生》

Trích đoạn từ “Nữ sinh Đài Bắc” – Hứa Tinh Phương Rõ ràng đang ở đất mẹ, vì sao lúc nào cũng cảm thấy bản thân như bước đi giữa cảnh vật xứ khác vậy? Tôi đã lạc mất cốt lõi của cuộc sống nơi xứ người rồi. Tâm hồn tôi được tôi luyện thành […]

[Fragriver in Taiwan] The first day in Tainan

I have left my blog for a long time due to my tight deadline at work and application for Master’s Program. I decide to give myself a break today and continue to write something about my time in Taiwan. Recently, when I checked my blog stats, I am quite amazed at the number of visit […]

[Translation] The magnificient adventure – 《華麗的冒險》

華麗的冒險 作詞:陳綺貞 作曲:陳綺貞 長長的路的盡頭是一片滿是星星的夜空 這一趟華麗的冒險沒有真實的你陪我走 長長的時間的旅程充滿太多未知的誘惑 數不清對你承諾過的一切 還有多少沒有實現過 不願放開手 不願讓你走 瘋狂的夢沒有了你 還有什麼用 不願放開手 不願讓你走 不願眼睜睜的看你 走出我的生活 不願放開手 不願讓你走 瘋狂的愛沒有了你 還有什麼用 不願眼睜睜的看你 走出我的生活 The magnificent adventure Music: Cheer Chen Lyric: Cheer Chen At the end of the long winding road was a sky full of twinkling stars I experienced this magnificent adventure without you There are too many unknown temptations on this long journey […]

[Translation] Thank you for your tenderness – 謝謝你的溫柔

Recently, I am busy applying for graduate school, therefore, I cannot find any spare time writing something serious on my blog. Writing about myself is difficult than I previously thought. Therefore, I decided to do a quick translation of the lyric of a song that I just listened for the first time today. The song […]

[Fragriver in Taiwan] Kaohsiung – The 3rd day: Foguangshan Buddha Museum, Fongshan Academy, Lotus pond

Waking up in the third morning, after having my clothes washed I walked to the Formosa Boulevard Station. This photo should be a strong evidence for my previous comment that Kaohsiung MRT is way less crowded than that of Taipei. That day I decided to take a trip to the famous Fo Guang Shan Buddha […]


After all these years, I have to admit a truth that I am not good at making friends. This summer, like other summers of mine in the last few years, I have to witness lots of friends of mine saying good bye to Vietnam to embark on their new journeys in Europe or in the […]