Film reflection – 3 idiots

It is a reflection of the movie I have just finished watching this afternoon. It is just defined as a relection as I do not think it is qualified as a review. This reflection is just about to provide me with chances to express my feelings about it. “3 idiots” is a famous film made […]

Free from examination

Dear my lovely blog, I would like to inform you that I have finished the final exam officialy, though the results were not as good as the previous semesters. Now then, I can come back to do what I want to do: writing blogs, reading books, learning Chinese. What beautiful days! At school, we often […]

Extraordinary Christmas with EC

Yesterday, I had an extraordinary Christmas with my English Club. This Christmas is the first time I enjoy a party with them though I have been a member for 3 years. Whenever we are together, there are often lots of laugh and fun.I also felt moved when senior students of my club said goodbye to […]


I have thought of writing something relating to marketing for a long time but every time I have intention of typing, all these ideas seem to leave me for somewhere, regardless of my effort to recall all of this. The first reason is that my knowledge of Marketing or relating fields is still limited. Therefore, […]

A feeling of tranquility

Winter has come around the corner and it takes me much more time to escape from the attractiveness of the bed every morning. Everything is still running on its own repetitive schedule. Sometimes, I get fed up with this ordinary life but sometimes, a beautiful morning sitting before the computer screen really brings me with […]

Coming back from the deep

I just write this note to confirm that I am fine after escaping from the depth of desperation. Sometimes, thinking much can not help you find an effective approach to the problem. Just let it be. I will try my best. I find it interesting to be surrounded by lots of friends and we both […]